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In , AZCentral. Take this fun quiz from The Marshall Project to find out a few more of the books that Arizona has banned over the years. It can be read here. Read a list dated August of books banned by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation here.

Martin Game of Thrones. The Human Rights Defense Center received several lists about disapproved and appealed publications from the Colorado Department of Corrections in September Fully censored publications from October 15, to September Overturned publication rejections Facility review committee decisions books that were allowed after review, Part of the settlement established rigorous guidelines for review of incoming publications as well as strict oversight to ensure adherence. This is almost certainly the cause of these above-average review policies and data-keeping practices in Colorado.

Read more about the settlement here. A list of books banned in Florida prisons from onward, obtained by the Human Rights Defense Center in July , is available here. HRDC simultaneously received a list of book bans dating from through Read that list here. An updated list of books banned in Illinois prisons, obtained by the Human Rights Defense Center in June , is available here. WBEZ previously received a list of books, dating from January and before, here. Bans in this list include Pulitzer Prize-winning book Blood in the Water.

Read about the case at Hyperallergic. The list can be read here. After the list from May was publicized, Kansas prison officials made a public statement that the list would be abolished and the incoming publications policies would be reviewed. Read it here. A list of books banned in Louisiana prisons, obtained from a public records request in July by nola. The list includes a wide array of subject matter, including political material, non-Christian religious material, books on anti-racism, and even books about re-entry for people getting out of prison.

A list of books banned in Michigan prisons was obtained by Bridge Magazine in bans include career preparation books on computer coding, web design, and basic wiring a skill now taught by Michigan DOC itself. Read the full policy here. In , Muckrock obtained a list of books banned in Michigan prisons dated from This list can be read here. Bans include work by post-colonial theorist Frantz Fanon as well as instruction books on learning to code on computers. Read these documents here. A list from January is available here.

Detroit man given clemency after exposing corruption from inside Michigan jail

This list includes many award-winning and influential books, including The Color Purple and The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, since removed from the list after public outcry. Read more at WUNC. The Human Rights Defense Center additionally obtained lists—dated —for Mecklenburg County Jail in North Carolina; these lists are available here magazines and here books.

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Bans include Blood in the Water a Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the Attica uprising , trans resource Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, and several books which are critical of the prison system , including Moral Injury and Nonviolent Resistance. The Salem Reporter obtained a list of books banned in Oregon prisons in In their article about this list, Salem Reporter highlighted the relative number of books about technology and computers which were restricted, but also a useful process which we call upon other prison systems to replicate: the implementation of a three-person committee formed of information technology workers to review each incoming publication which mail room staff have attempted to ban.

Such oversight in all prisons and for all materials would help to prevent many needless and ill-informed bans across the country. A publicly available banned books list for Pennsylvania can be read here.

Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

It is updated quarterly. Beginning in , administrators rescinded the ban and Books to Prisoners applauds that sensible decision. This list—which is also the first known public list for South Carolina, obtained October —can be read here. In accordance with guidelines at the time of production of these lists, bans are apparently cumulative, so the bans shown on these lists are in addition to any previously banned publications which may not have been removed. Read the lists for here and January-June here.


Despite the outcry over the original list, in November , The Dallas Morning News obtained a second list of banned books which indicated that more than 10, books were still banned. In early , Muckrock obtained yet another list which outlined decisions made by TDCJ during , which can be read here.

The list of contentious books for a single year exceeded 40 pages of materials. Although many books were listed as being eventually approved by the system, many more were not. Bans in Texas have included figure drawing books, John Grisham novels, and books about the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Yet somehow, despite all of those bans, Mein Kampf was apparently still allowed for prisoners in Texas through at least late , as covered in many news outlets.

These bans, as other news coverage indicates, at times may have exceeded 15, titles. In early , the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced that its policies on incoming publications were under review. Robinson, but not for all offenders. Schuler did not complete the consultation until March 25, , almost three months after it was first assigned to her. Schuler later claimed to not recollect Stigall communicating the urgency of the problem, suggested that she had not received all necessary information needed from Stigall to proceed, and also believed, per the Larson memo, that the system bug only affected a small number of inmates.

Schuler eventually forwarded the change request and consultation form onto Mark Ardiel of Sierra Systems; Ardiel estimated that fixing the bug would take just 16—20 hours of programming work. The responsibility for the King fix was now firmly in the hands of IT. Approved changes are then assigned to a software engineer.

Inmate Information | Oakland County Jail

Once the programmer has completed their work, then the item is sent to the testing team and when testing is successfully completed, the item is scheduled for delivery in the M release. The OMNI service team meets twice a week to review the status of pending items in an upcoming M-release. There are no minutes or recorded notes of OMNI team meetings.

Only Messrs. Dunnington and Sandanan could move items to a later release date. Schuler had also requested that the King fix be scheduled for release in M34 intended for September 12, since the two earlier releases were already filled with other allegedly important features and fixes. Although IT staff are supposed to enter notes into the Clearquest system explaining status changes, with rare exceptions, no explanations or reasons were entered for the delays in the King item. On July 10, , Stigall followed up with Schuler to prioritize several items in the IT backlog including the King fix.

Later on October 1, , Dunnington rescheduled the King fix to M Ardiel then picked up the ticket and finally began to work on the King fix for the first time; he spent 80— hours initially working on the item, but was later told to redirect his efforts elsewhere as he encountered issues and could not get additional information from Stigall. Over the next two years, Dunnington and Sandandan would delay the King fix another half dozen times. Even when Ardiel returned, the fix continued to languish in the IT queue. Stigall mentioned the King fix and its stubborn delays; Feuer recognized the importance and investigated the matter, personally meeting with Dunnington later that day.

During a DOC staff leadership meeting on December 15 , Stigall again raised the alarm about the ongoing delays for the King fix, and Secretary of Corrections Dan Pacholke then learns of the problem for the first time. Over the next few days, the governor meets with leadership in several departments including Communications, Corrections, IT, and Legal to coordinate a proper response. On December 22, Governor Inslee publicly disclosed the problem. The OMNI system defect had serious consequences for the residents and government of Washington state.

Criminal justice news, delivered directly to you.

Over ten years, almost 3, inmates were released earlier than the statute allowed by a median of 59 days according to DOC analysis. At least 60 of the early released inmates were taken back by the state into custody. Two deaths were connected to criminals who should have been in prison at the time, and other crimes also may have been committed by those who should have been in state custody.

Among these violent delinquents was Robert Terrance Jackson. Jackson was released six months early in and crashed his car while drunk into that of his girlfriend, Lindsay Hill, a year old mother of two in November Hill was thrown from her car and suffered a fatal head injury.

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